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1. Creating a new project
2. Configuring the program list
3. Accessing the work directory
4. Preferences
5. Editing a project
6. Loading a project
7. File Browser
8. Advanced Tools
9. Tips and advice
10. FAQ
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The preferences screen controls how Prop operates.

Program Selection:
Determines how Prop selects the programs it is to display. By default this is set to auto, i.e. It will automatically display all programs, minus excluded files if using exclusion files, see next topic. Changing it to manual allows you to define the program list implicitly adding and removing the ones you desire. NOTE; The program selection will be automatically set to manual if you use the Option > Configure Programs menu.

Use Exclusion Files:
Instructs Prop to exclude certain programs from being listed. This uses based on a file named containing a list of program names, stored in the same program directory. The default setting is to use exclusion files, for more information on exclusion files, see Advanced.

Work Directory:
Here you can set the type of file you wish to be displayed in the work directory tab, the default is *.* but you can change this for any standard query, e.g. *.lis for all listing files.

Resets the default values, saves the results and closes the window.