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1. Creating a new project
2. Configuring the program list
3. Accessing the work directory
4. Preferences
5. Editing a project
6. Loading a project
7. File Browser
8. Advanced Tools
9. Tips and advice
10. FAQ
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Prop - Creating a new project

Before you can start using Prop you must create a new project. The project conserves tailoring information about Prop and program control preferences. The first time Prop is loaded it will automatically display the Project window, if this is the case proceed to step 2 below.

Load the Project window by clicking File > Current/New Project The default project will be offered as a template.

Enter a name for the project in the box labelled Project Name

Specify your working directory in the box labelled Work Directory, if you are unsure of its location use the Browse button to locate a specific folder.

Repeat the above step for the two other directories locating Raw Data and Programs. The Raw data directory should where your raw instrument data is stored; the program directory is the location of the programs you wish to use with Prop. All should be placed in a single folder and not in subdirectories.

Select the instrument you will be using with your set of programs. This name is used by a number of programs in checking data access, and can create confusion if not correct.

Click OK to create the project

By default Prop will create a program list by adding any programs contained in the program directory, eliminating any specified in the optional exclusion file. You can change the way Prop selects programs using the Preferences menu alternatively you can proceed to configure your program list manually.

New Project Window

The instrument name is used to create coresponding environment variables; depending on the instrument chosen Prop sets the variables accordingly, i.e. SAS for small angle scattering instruments, DIF for diffraction instruments etc.

Depending on the programs you have in your program directory and the ones listed in the exclusion file, Prop will look something similar to the image below.

Main Window