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Frequently asked questions

Q. When I load Prop I get a list of programs I didn't previously specify

A. Prop automatically loads the last configuration file used. This filename is stored in :
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Prop\
If someone else has used Prop since you last used it, it is possible that their configuration file is being loaded, hence their list of programs is shown. Look in the File > Recent Projects menu or simply reload your project using the File > Load Project menu instead and browsing for your project file.

Q. Even though I have previously created a project, Prop prompts me to make a new one.

A. Prop uses its startup file to locate the location of the last known configuration file. Prop will prompt for a new project if either the startup file doesn't exist or it points to a non-existent configuration file. You can fix the problem by re-identifying your project. Prop will recreate and store the configuration files path in the startup path.

Q. Why are some of my programs not displayed in the program list?

A. This is most likely because Prop is set to use exclusion files. An exclusion file ( is located in the program directory telling Prop to ignore certain programs. To disable this feature either update/remove the file or disable exclsuion files in the preferences window. Alternatively Prop may not find your program because it is in a subdirectory of the program directory. Ensure that all your programs are listed in the program directory named in the project.

Q. How do I know if I am using the most recent version of Prop?

A. By visiting you can check and download the latest version of Prop, your current version number can be found in the Help > About window

Q. Why do I not see my files when I click the work directory tab?

A. By default Prop lists all file types. If, in preferences the selection has been changed from *.* only a subset will be displayed. If this doesn't correspond to your file, you should change this modified preference setting.

For any other questions please contact or consult the Prop website.