Oscail-X 2005
 Windows Software for Crystallography and Molecular Modelling from
National University of Ireland, Galway

This software is FREE to ACADEMIC users.
Commercial users must obtain permission for its use.

The Jan 2005 version of Oscail is available via new setup program. New users (or new PCs) should have no problem using the new msi files. The msi files require "windows installer 2.0". This should be on most PCs but can also be downloaded from Microsoft. Existing users should read this note.

Download either version of Oscail, Moilin and Tutorials (V)

Oscail-X Lite version (8 Mbyte) All you need for Graphics and Modelling
(X-ray data reduction and structure solution omitted)New format oscailf.msi or old format zfoscail.exe

Oscail-X Full version (15 Mbyte) Full system new format oscail.msi or old format zaoscail.exe
or if your download system does not like exe files (zaoscail.zip ) expand using pkzip

Moilin (5 Mbyte) new format moilin.msi or old format zmoilin.exe
Molecular modelling will work stand alone or under Oscail

Ritmol (4 Mbyte) (self expanding zritmol.exe)
Ionic and covalent organic crystal structure prediction (Molpak users)

Oscail and Moilin Tutorials (6 Mbyte)new format tutorial.msi or old format zoscailt.exe)

N.B. If you want to use Oscail install it first in the first instance.

p. mcardle

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