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Homepage located at http://www.unige.ch/crystal/stxnews/riet/welcome.htm

FAQ's (frequently asked question (and answers) files)

When questions are asked frequently enough, or a particular topic interests a participant, an FAQ (frequently asked questions) file can be created.

Any interested person can create a FAQ(frequently asked question) file on any Rietveld topic they wish. Please feel free to submit the HTML address of the article or complete HTML file to Lachlan Cranswick lachlan@melbpc.org.au.

Current list of Rietveld FAQs

Web Archive - Reviewing Past Messages (updated 17th March 1999)

There is quite a convoluted history with the archiving of the Rietveld mailing list messages. (Thanks again to Tim Buckner and Ken Beuadrie of Centre for Macromolecular Crystallography, University of Alabama at Birmingham for creating the original archive, and John Quintana at Argonne National Laboratory for the first web accessible archive).

Armel Le Bail has initiated a new a Web accessable archive of past messages at:


Just point your Web browser in this direction and review the past messages and discussions you are interested in.

The Failed 1995 Attempt to create an internet/Usenet Newsgroup

In late 1995, an attempt was made to create a Rietveld internet/Usenet to link to the mailing list. This was to allow free discussion for participants without the impression that too many discussion messages would clutter up participant email boxes.

This failed by 6 votes and another attempt is being considered in six months time as per the Usenet newsgroup creation guidelines. The failed 1995 vote results

Free (but dated) MS Windows Winsock Scientist Friendly Internet Software

This kit is (was?) aimed for new users and scientific users of the internet who may not have the time to explore for basic, user-friendly internet utilities. This kit includes obsolescent (but relatively simple and bug free) versions of, 16 Bit Mosaic WWW (Netscape is presently the most popular Web browser), Wintrumpet Winsock(TCP), Wintrumpet Newsreader, WS_FTP, WinQVT (very good telnet), HGOPHER.

To obtain the software, anonymous ftp to ftp.minerals.csiro.au/pub/pc/internet to obtain the "self extracting exe" files and the installation instructions.

Equivalent Apple Mac software is also available in the ftp.minerals.csiro.au/pub/mac directory.

PC and Mac Rietveld and Related Software

Located at http://www.unige.ch/crystal/stxnews/riet/faq/progs/riet-pc.htm

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