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Homepage located at http://www.unige.ch/crystal/stxnews/riet/welcome.htm

Welcome and Historical

Following is the Homepage for the Rietveld-users' mailing list. This mailing list on the internet is free (no cost) and is open to all. This list has been created especially for people who are either involved or curious about the Rietveld method for structure refinement and/or quantitative analysis.

Originally, Tim Buckner, then Ken Beaudrie, at the University of Alabama Crystallography Information Server kindly provided the facilities in the form of an old VAX computer and setup this discussion area.

However, due to the VAX finally meeting its maker, the mailing list has been moved to ILL, Grenoble in France thanks to Alan Hewatt at http://www.ill.fr/dif/.

If it proves popular enough and articles start clogging up participants email accounts, an attempt will be made to convert it to a Usenet newsgroup and link the mailing list to it. An attempt to do this was launched in 1995 but it failed by 6 votes.

Participants of this mailing list might like to make a printout of these pages for easy reference.

Topics for discussion include (but are not limited to)

All articles will be archived for future reference and FAQ (frequently asked question files) will be encouraged for common topics.

What is a mailing list? | top

For people who have never used a mailing list before and don't really know what it is all about, following is an attempted very brief explanation.

Normally with email, you send a message to a single person and have a one-on-one discussion. With a mailing list (or email newsgroup), you email to a special email address that is linked to software that distributes your message to everyone who has put themselves down as participants (subscribed) on the mailing list. So (for the Rietveld mailing list) when you email a message to Rietveld_l@ill.fr - a copy of your message is forwarded to all other participants (through a "gateway") However, if you want to be one of the participants, you must have added yourself to the mailing list by using the subscribe command.

Why was this mailing list created? | top

Originally, creating this email newsgroup was informally discussed and considered desirable during the recent SCA (Society of Crystallographers in Australia, 1994) meeting at Medlow Baths in the Blue Mountains. There are several Rietveld-users groups in Australia where people regularly meet to discuss problems and solutions. However, having an electronic Rietveld mailing list complements these discussion groups in allowing a greater geographical reach for queries and discussions in a cosy, friendly atmosphere.

The crystallography newsgroup, sci.techniques.xtallography also is an appropriate forum to send Rietveld related messages.

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