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The Internet in the Third World - Hype vs Reality?

It should be pointed out that just because it is reported in the scientific literature that a country has connected to the internet; it does not mean that scientists and researchers are allowed to make use of the internet. (personal correspondence - though non statistically valid)

The Hype? (A Slightly Dated - but good - Example)

Nature - VOL 380 - 4th April, 1996, Page 379
"Internet use in the less-developed regions of the world is booming. More than 30 countries connected to the Internet for the first time last year, including Albania, Bolivia, Cuba, Ethiopia and Uganda. The rate of connection in developing countries - although starting off from a lower level - often exceeds the overall growth rate of the Internet"

An Example of the Reality?

Letter Written 26th January 1996 - Received 15th Feb, 1996
"Dear Lachlan:
I received your message about EMAIL LINK for CRYSTALLOGRAPHY NEWSGROUP at no cost. In the instructions about how to join the sci.techniques.xtallography list you say I must send the following message: subscribe.
[stuff deleted]
The problem is that there are strict financial regulations in my University that now limit the use of email, because all message send/received are charged to us in USD. Trying to overcome this problem I got a new email address where I do not have to pay any money for message RECEIVED. But cannot send, for the time being, any message outside Cuba because of the limited budget for email.
I would like to know if you could help me to make the email link for crystallgraphy newsgroup
[stuff deleted]
If you can help me in this I shall be extremely greatful because of the very limited information we received in Cuba about this our common science."

Thu, 14 Mar 96 16:24:21 EST
"Dear Lachlan: Due to financial limitations I have been instructed to unsuscribe from xtal_newsgroup. Please ask Tim Buckner to do so. My excuses to both of you for the problems this may give you and hope you understand the reasons. Thanks a lot for your help. For me it was an exciting way to get information. I will write to you a letter soon. Sincerely, "

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