Crystallographic Nexus, Virtual Internet on CD-ROM Talk:  
    ECM-18, August 1998, Prague, Czech Republic,,,

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Why Bother? - Aims of the Crystallographic Nexus CD

Delivering the Internet to Scientists and Students in countries who do not yet have access to the internet (because of financial or political constraints) is probably one of the main practical challenges of the internet in the future.

Thus the aim of the Crystallographic Nexus CD is to overcome present geographical and political barriers that restrict access to basic crystallographic information. Thus crystallographers remote from the internet can obtain up to date public domain/shareware/ demonstration software for PC and also obtain experience in using the internet despite not having any (or perhaps only E-mail) connection to this global information network.

Web pages and tutorials can be used as templates for the development of local versions.

The Present Version of the Xtal Nexus CD-ROM Contains around:

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