SUNY X3B1 Powder Diffraction Group

Powder Diffraction Beamline X3B1 at the National Synchrotron Light Source

X-ray powder diffraction is a widely used technique for materials characterization in fields as diverse as solid-state physics, geology, and medicine. An overwhelming majority of this work is carried out using laboratory x-ray tubes as sources, but there are distinct advantages to the use of synchrotron radiation: intensity, an intrinsically parallel beam, and tunability. We have set up a powder diffraction station at the X3B1 beamline of the National Synchrotron Light Source with the intention of making available the advantages of synchrotron powder diffraction on a reasonably routine basis.

Overview This page includes a brief  overview of the experimental setup at X3B1 (NSLS, BNL).
Publication  Check out the list of publication from experiments that were carried out at the beamline.  There are Power Point files from recent talks.  You can also see the abstracts submitted to NSLS Activity reports from some time ago.
Access Do you think that synchrotron powder diffraction might be just the ticket for your problem?  We are very interested to talk to you and see if we can help.  There are several ways this might work. People Find out about the people in the group. This also includes pictures of some of our users.
Software and data This page has links to information about software frequently used to analyze powder diffraction data, and to some raw data available to test your own software.

Powder Structure Solution Program

ASAP line shape fitting program
Other Information This page has links to pages with information about other Synchrotron sources, Powder Diffraction, The University and Long Island.


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