People in the Group

Faculty : Peter W. Stephens

Post Doc: Christian Botez

Graduate Student : Jae-Hyuk Her

Alumni : Ashfia Huq  (IPNS, Argonne National Lab)
            Silvina Pagola
             Götz M. Bendele (McKinsey&Company)
            Robert E. Dinnebier(MPI Stuttgart)

Laszlo Mihaly (SUNY SB), Peter Stephens
(SUNY SB,NSLS),László Forró(EPFL)

Graduate student Ashfia Huq using 
a glove box to prepare samples of Rb3C60
a material that spontaneously ignites upon 
exposure to air and superconducts at 28K..

Here is an interesting physics problem for you, figure out how this happened ?

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