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Welcome to the X-ray Structural Facility of North Carolina State University, Raleigh. The Facility serves the structural needs of the Department of Chemistry, the University community and organizations in the Research Triangle area. Crystal and molecular structures are determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction. The X-ray Structural Facility is located in 737 Dabney Hall

Facility Director: Dr. Paul D. Boyle.


Linux is a fully featured, mostly POSIX compliant, unix-like operating system for PC's.


Request for Structure Determination
Download a PDF of the Sample Submission Form from the link above.

Growing X-ray Quality Crystals
If you are interested in some tips on growing X-ray quality crystals, then try reading Growing Crystals that Will Make Your Crystallographer Happy. Naturally, if you want to share some of your favorite crystal growing recipies, feel free to email them to boyle@laue.chem.ncsu.edu

Softcopy Results
Softcopies of your crystallographic results can be downloaded via the Web.

Literature references
Literature references for software used in the crystallographic structure analyses done in this Facility are available to help you write up your results.

Other Resources
This server also has links to the X-ray Facility's anonymous ftp site for various Linux, DOS and Mac goodies, the Facility's Annual Report, and various on-line documentation.

Tutorial on X-ray Diffraction.
This is a nice graphic tutorial on diffraction.

Other Web Resources

Here are some other interesting or useful home pages concerning crystallography or chemistry.

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