DPlot graphs and manipulates 2D and 3D data from a variety of sources in many different formats. While designed for scientists, engineers, and other technical fields, DPlot's straightforward interface will appeal to anybody interested in creating presentation-quality X-Y plots and/or contour plots of 3D data. DPlot runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, 2003, and XP.

DPlot screenshot    You can buy a single-user DPlot license for $35(US) or $45 for a CD sent by mail. If you buy DPlot for your department, we offer multi-user discounts. Click the button below to purchase DPlot by credit card now, or check the Buy Now page for more information on pricing and payment options.

Visit the DPlot features page to see dozens of stunning graphs that you can create. Download our free 30-day trial version, and see how easily you can turn your data into eye-opening charts.

Current Version (24 April 2006)
The latest release version of DPlot is Check the Revision History page for a list of recent changes. Licensed users should sign up for the mailing list to receive instructions for downloading the free upgrade, or select Check for Updates on the Help menu within DPlot.

The DPlot download now includes an Add-In for Microsoft Excel that makes moving data in a variety of layouts from Excel to DPlot a snap. The functions included in the Add-In might also give developers ideas for their own VBA solutions. We think you'll find this new feature very useful. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.
   Excel Add-In

Other Products
If you produce graphs with DPlot and would like to distribute them to others, you'll want to take a look at DPlot Viewer. This is a free application that may be distributed to others without charge. DPlot Viewer will display and/or print any graph produced by DPlot.

Programmers should be sure to check out DPlot Jr, a free scaled-down version of DPlot. DPlot Jr is intended for use by those that want a quick method for displaying graphical output of their own applications. Unlike the full version of DPlot, DPlot Jr may be redistributed to end users without royalty payments or other restrictions. There's nothing to buy and no registration fee involved. The latest version of DPlot Jr is distributed with the DPLOTLIB DLL, which makes it exceptionally easy to plot data from a variety of languages and environments. The distribution includes examples in C, C#, Visual Basic, VB.NET, PowerBasic, FreeBASIC, and several varieties of FORTRAN.

DPlot Accessories
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