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Documentation for Program LOGIC

LOGIC a program for searching enties in ICDD-JCPDS PDF-2 powder diffraction database that match specified constrants such as: elements present, number of unique elements, peaks in particular locations and text strings in specified fields. Searches may be applied with full Boolean logic, i.e. one may find entries that contain certain elements, but not others and one peaks in certain locations, but no peaks in other regions, etc. The concept of full implementing full Boolean logic in ICDD-JCPDS searching was pioneered in an earlier version this program. This concept is now the basis for the ICDD-JCPDS PDF-4 database. Unlike the PDF-4 program, which allows for searches using all database fields, the Logic program only allows a small number of fields to be searched.

The following sections describe how the program works and the various modes within the program. The most recent additions are noted with the "new" new image, while other changes that have been added in the previous few versions are flagged with this image: note.

For installation information, see the CMPR/LOGIC overview.

LOGIC windows