STRUVIR VRML results with various polyhedra

Armel Le Bail

If you have a VRML viewer plugged in your browser you may want to see what is possible with STRUVIR now. Prefer the small files for fast exploration. If you have not a VRML viewer, see the corresponding .gif files (screen copies at 1280x1024 from VRweb + Lview31). Recommended viewers on PC are Live3D+Netscape or VRweb.

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Zeolites A (57K), ABW (39K), BIK (26K), CAS (31K), MOR (88K), NAT (48K), NON (85K), SAN (54K), YUG (49K), and ZSM5 (220K). Corresponding .gif files : A, ABW, BIK, CAS, MOR, NAT, NON, SAN, YUG, ZSM5.

See also PbO and truscotite (respective .gif 1 and 2).

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t-AlF3 (20K), beta-AlF3 (33K), TTB (29K), pyrochlore (20K), Rb2NaAl6F21 (62K), gamma-CsAlF4 (24K), LiNbWO6 (11K), LiSbWO6 (27K), Mg4Ta2O9 (22K), Rb2Cr5F17 (35K) (respective .gif files : G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6, G7, G8, G9, G10).

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Tetrahedra and Octahedra

FeVMoO7 (30K), MgMo2O7 (67K), NiV2O6 (18K), alpha-VOHPO4.2H2O (25K), Na2Ca2Si3O9 (46K), VO(H2AsO4)2 (34K), Na2.44V4P4O17(OH) (41K), VO(H2PO2).H2O (23K), Volborthite (29K), Ni13H4(PO4)8(OH)6 (67K), Burangaite (respective .gif files : G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6, G7, G8, G9, G10, G11).

Tetrahedra, octahedra and square planes : Lyonsite (44K) (gif).

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Octahedra and various other polyhedra (not tetrahedra)

Trigonal prisms : K2(H5O2)Al2F9 (36K) (gif).
Square planes : Li8Bi2PdO10 (42K) (gif).
Trigonal bipyramids : InMnO3 (27K) (gif).
Hexagonal bipyramids : KCaAl2F9 (68K) (gif).
Tricapped trigonal prisms : Pb2MnFe2F12.3H2O (26K) (gif).
Triangles and tetrahedra : MoAs2O7 (22K) (gif).
Square pyramids and tetrahedra : KV3P4O17 (34K) (gif).
Triangles and distorted cubes : K(H3O)2AlF6 (32K) (gif).
Pentagonal bipyramids, trigonal prisms and cubes : K5Cr10F31 (77K) (gif).
Others : KPbCr2F9 (38K) (gif), Li3ThF7 (74K) (gif), Na4Ca4Al7F33 (53K) (gif).

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Tetrahedra and various other polyhedra (not octahedra)

Square pyramids : BiFeMnO5 (21K) (gif), alpha-NH4(VO2)HPO4 (12K) (gif), beta-NH4(VO2)HPO4 (22K) (gif).
Square antiprisms : SrCr2O7 (34K) (gif).
Square planes : LiBiPd2O4 (39K) (gif), Na2V3P2O13 (32K) (gif), [PdNH3)4]Cr2O7 (13K) (gif).
Square pyramids and pentagonal bypiramids : Na5V2P3O14.H2O (50K) (gif).

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Square planes and square pyramids : YBa2Cu3O7 (15K) (gif) or as YO8 cubes and BaO10 (2OK) (gif).
Square planes and triangles : Pd(NO3)2(H2O)2 (22K) (gif).
Square antiprisms : (H3O)Yb3F10.H2O (6K) (gif).
Monocapped trigonal prisms and triangles and others : Ba3Sc(CO3)F7 (43K) (gif).
Tricapped trigonal prisms : BaHF3 (54K) (gif).
Tricapped trigonal prisms and triangles : Na2Eu(CO3)F3 (59K) (gif).
Distorted cubes and square antiprisms and other : Pb3ZrF10 (13K) (gif).
Pot pourri : Sr10Al2F25Cl (101K) (gif).

Excursion in the quasicrystal approximants world : R-Al5CuLi3 (106K) (gif).

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Armel Le Bail, April, 3 (1996)