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CRYSFIRE (sequel to Crys2run) v 9.33 Powder Indexing System for DOS/Windows by Robin Shirley et al

Running CRYSFIRE under Windows 98/Win98

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Win95/Win98 c:\Config.sys

(For Crysfire, and programs needing environment space)

device=C:\WINDOWS\emm386.exe ram
If causes a problem with Win98 try:

shell=C:\ /e:4096 /p

From:             "Barwood, Henry" []
To: "''" Subject: RE: CRYS2RUN Date sent: Wed, 30 Jul 1999 10:02:39 -0500 Dear Robin, Thanks for responding. I remembered after I e-mailed you that in W98 the DOS functions are disabled EXCEPT from the DOS window. I was attempting to run from the Desktop using a shortcut, but this will not support any DOS commands (true 32 bit, etc.....a Bill Gates "gotcha!"). I killed everything except DOS and the program runs fine. "Uncle Bill" has made it so that if you run any DOS programs, by golly, you aren't going to do it under Windows! Henry ........................... Date sent: Tue, 28 Jul 1999 09:41:21 -0500 From: Henry Barwood [] Organization: Indiana Geological Survey To: Subject: CRYS2RUN Dear Dr. Shirley, I've run the program crys2run using my old 486 computer under W95, but I recently upgraded to a newer machine and W98. Now I find I cannot get crys2run to function. I've edited my batch files and added the path command as I did before, but when I load a dataset and start the run it simply crashes the program before any data is sent to Ito, Dicvol or Treor. I don't even get an error message in the DOS window. Can you help me out with this problem. Thanks. Henry Barwood Indiana Geological Survey

If you have out of environment space errors, do the following

  • Edit the c:\autoexec.bat file and put C:\CRYSFIRE into the PATH statement and reboot the computer. e.g., (PATH C:\CRYSFIRE;c:\fullprof;c:\gsas\exe;c:\rietveld)

  • For Windows NT, put c:\crysfire into the environment area via the Control Panel.

  • Please note that CRYSFIRE requires the DOS or Win95/98 sort.exe program that is not included from Windows NT. If using CRYSFIRE on an NT machine, copy sort.exe from a Win95 or Win98 computer into the c:\crysfire directory.

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