Collaborative Computational Project Number 14


For Single Crystal and Powder Diffraction
(Freely Available Crystallographic Software for Students and Academia)

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The CCP14 Steering Committee

Grant Holders and Steering Committee:   Dr. Jeremy Cockcroft (Chairman);  Dr. David Watkin;  Prof. Bob Cernik.

The current CCP14 grant had now ended (July 2007) and we await renewal of the grant.

Dr Jeremy Karl Cockcroft (CCP14 Chairman)
Chemistry, University College London,
Gordon Street, London,
WC1H 0AJ, United Kingdom
Web Page:

Dr David Watkin
Chem Cryst
Department of Chemistry
University of Oxford
Chemistry Research Laboratory
Mansfield Road
Oxford, U.K.
Telephone:  (+44) (0) 1865 285019
Fax: E-mail:
Web Page:

Prof. Bob Cernik
Synchrotron Radiation
Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington, WA4 4AD U.K
Telephone Daresbury: (+44)(0) 1925 603324
Telephone Manchester: (+44)(0) 161 3063985
Fax: (+44)(0) 1925-603124
Web Page:

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