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Possible (Theoretical) Cost Recovery Using Two Parameter Financial Model

(If you really had to! :-( )

  1. Overall Charging has to Satisfy Development and Production Costs.
  2. Financial Hurt/Pain is Equalised, then minimised.

Possibility: Base the CD/Product Cost(Pain Level) on % of Nations' Weekly Wages (Very Simplistic).

E.G., 1/5th of Average Weekly Wage

Production Cost
Average Weekly Wage
Product Charge
$0.50 cents

Below a certain charge, it would not be practical to send an invoice. Aim is that overall, production and development costs are covered.

If you compress this to a One Parameter model, this would be called a subsidy with all the appearance of arbitrary charging and various economic dogmas (i.e., Rob Peter to pay Paul)

With 2 parameter logic the charging is logical and consistent: Everyone is Paying the Same Price!! - in terms of the when the financial electrodes are applied. People are equally tickled rather than hurt (or at worst the same pitch scream).

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