Lachlan Cranswick

1993: Lachlan: another life, another universe

1995: Lachlan bechained in a neckbrace!

1996 and Lachlan is on the sacred (but eventually futile) quest for Junket city!

1999: Lachlan is inspired during an Alton Towers haunted house ride?

Job Title:CCP14 Project Secretary (January 1998 to January 2001; August 2001 to March 2003)
Project: Collaborative Computational Project Number 14 for Single Crystal and Powder Diffraction
Phone: (+44) 020 7631 6850
Fax: (+44) 020 7631 6803

Lachlan M. D. Cranswick

Collaborative Computational Project No 14 (CCP14)
for Single Crystal and Powder Diffraction
Birkbeck University of London and Daresbury Laboratory

Postal Address:
CCP14 - School of Crystallography,
Birkbeck College,
Malet Street, Bloomsbury,
WC1E 7HX, London, UK

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