Duncan E. McRee, Ph. D.

Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Biology

Duncan was born in San Francisco shortly before the dawning of the space age with Sputnik to a couple consisting of a cowgirl from Montana, Joan Kilburn, and a Southern gentleman from Alabama, John McRee. He grew up in Tam Valley and on the slopes of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, where the 60's are still happening, along with his brothers, Randy and Chris, and sister Molly. This served to color his view of the world somewhat differently than Newt's. To get a life, he went to University of California at Davis for a B.S. and then to Duke University (in order to discover his Southern roots) for a Ph.D. under Dave and Jane Richardson, and from there he went to the Scripps Research Institute where he has been since 1985. Moving to Southern California (which was quite a culture shock given his Northern California up-bringing) and becoming a scientist has neatly side-stepped the whole issue of getting a life, since none is needed here.

Somewhere in there he found time to marry a wonderful woman, Janice Yuwiler, and to have three unbelievably children, Alex, 9, Kevin, 6, and Alisa, 1. No pets.

My Research

Click here to read about my group and its research.

My book

As you can see I wrote the book on protein crystallography.

Software written by me


I've written some nice programs for doing protein crystallography using X-windows. The package is called XtalView and is available to academics by anonymous ftp from CCMS at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. Commercial users can purchase XtalView direct from Scripps, contact me at dem@scripps.edu.

Molecular Images

If you use Windows or Macintosh and you want to look at macromolecular structures, you'll want to check out Molecular Images.

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