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 GUFI 5.0

E N R A F - G U F I 5

Powder Diffraction Measurement and Evaluation

(c) copyright 1987..2000 by Robert E. Dinnebier, Bayreuth, Germany


Purpose of the program

GUFI is an old fashioned DOS program which has never been updated to the beautiful Windows world. Nevertheless, it still offers many useful features which cannot be found in many expensive commercial programs. Two versions exist, a professional version which was written to control the PDS120 diffractometer of NONIUS BVand a shareware version without the measurement option. The program allows to convert many file formats of powder diffraction data, creates input files for indexing and Rietveld refinement programs, allows for sophisticated data reduction, smoothing, peak hunting, background evaluation, 2 theta resp. intensity correction, space group determination, peak fitting, full pattern conversions etc. Its a real work horse for daily powder diffraction work. The original handbook dates back to 1993 and is clearly outdated. A simple manual in PDF format is included. If time permits, I will write a more comprehensive manual.


Please be aware that GUFI 5 is not a free program. If you continue using it after some time of evaluation, you should register it and pay the registration fee.
There is no restriction on this shareware version.

This program can be registered at the official distributor:

Obere Dammstrasse 8-10
D-42653 Solingen 1, Germany

Tel: (+49) 212 5875-181
Fax: (+49) 212 5875-188

For actual conditions contact Dr. Paul Ulrich Pennartz.

Help if problem occurrs

If a problem occurs, please first read this file and the instruction manual. If it is still unsolved, you can contact me under the following address:

by writing to:

Priv. Doz. Dr. Robert E. Dinnebier
Laboratory of Crystallography
University of Bayreuth
D-95440 Bayreuth


E-Mail: robert.dinnebier@uni-bayreuth.de

You should add the following information:

  1. Number of GUFI version.
  2. Type of your computer hardware.
  3. Version of your operating system.
  4. Content of your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
  5. Content of your CONFIG.SYS file.
  6. Amount of free memory of your computer in a DOS window
    (hint: type MEM under DOS)

I appreciate comments, suggestions and error reports.


GUFI 5 is zipped with WINZIP 6.0 and contains several subdirectories

  1. A.) Download GUFI5.ZIP, the quick tutorial GUFI5.PDF, and the quick graphics manual GUFI5_GR.PDF
  2. Create a subdirectory of your choice e.g. C:\GUFI5
  3. Copy the files GUFI5.ZIP and GUFI.PDF to this directory.
  4. Unzip GUFI5.ZIP. Make sure that you have turned the option ‘use folder names’ and ‘unzip all files’on.
  5. Change the path names of the sub-programs listed in an ASCII file called GUFI.PRG which you will find in the main directory. Do not change the program identifier or the filename of the program. You must only change the path names of the sub files which are on your computer and which you are really using.
  6. Start of the program

In a DOS environment:
Simply type GUFI at your DOS promt in the GUFI subdirectory and confirm this with your RETURN key.

In a Windows (3.01, 95, 98, NT) environment:
Create a shortcut to GUFI.EXE once. A Pif-file (GUFI.PIF) and an Icon (GUFI.ICO) do exist. Then, clicking the GUFI icon will start the program in a DOS window.

Note: You should have at least 560 KBytes of free DOS memory before running GUFI .

There might be different warning messages which do not affect the functionality of the program.

Last change April 14, 2000.