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PowderCell 2.0 for Windows
W. Kraus & G. Nolze
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The given program represents a useful tool for material scientists which are interested in crystal structures and powder diffraction. It enables the processing of general problems in different fields:

Demonstration of the influence of
structural parameters,
space-group symmetry,
used diffraction conditions etc.
on a resulting X-ray or neutron diffraction powder pattern.
Specific use e.g. of
group-subgroup relations,
structure manipulation or
a refinement tool
to support the solution of crystal structure problems.
Simplifies routine applications like
phase identification,
quantitative phase analysis,
lattice refinement etc.
by an intuitive operation, suitable also for non-crystallographers.

© Dr. Gert Nolze & Werner Kraus (1998)

Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing
Unter den Eichen 87, D-12205 Berlin,