The converted data file is now in an X-Y ASCII format that can be directly imported into a number of software programs for continued processing, but most programs will require some manipulation of the file format to make full use of the data. A very useful program for such manipulation is Convert. Information about Convert  may be found at:

Note: Other programs mentioned here may be found at the CCP14 Homepage

Open the data file:

wpe25.jpg (88967 bytes)

Convert will tell you the data is loaded and the number of data points.

wpe26.jpg (88429 bytes)

Two formats are generally all you will need, an 8 row format (DBWS) or a 10 row format (GSAS). You can look at a sample file for your program to determine which format is used and what header information is needed. I'll comment on the various types in the section giving examples of various programs. In Convert, save your file (in this example, as a DBWS file):

wpe2D.jpg (94997 bytes)

Convert will ask you for a title:

wpe29.jpg (89722 bytes)

It will then let you know that more information is needed:

wpe2A.jpg (91649 bytes)

And will ask you for the starting point of the data, in this case 5.0 degree two theta:

wpe2B.jpg (89887 bytes)

And the step size, in this case 0.02 degrees two theta:

wpe2C.jpg (89883 bytes)

Convert will then save the file. The saved data looks like this:

wpe2E.jpg (125854 bytes)

In this test example I want to use the data in a program that accepts JADE *.MDI format files. I have a header that I paste and modify as in this example:

wpe30.jpg (126082 bytes)

I then do a Save As and save the file as an *.MDI file:

wpe31.jpg (124153 bytes)

In this example I already had a Christy.mdi file set up and simply saved it to replace the *.dat file:

wpe32.jpg (116165 bytes)


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