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Matteo Leoni
Page last updated: 19/09/2006

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foto: Matteo LeoniResearch Scientist in Materials Science and Technology

Rovereto (TN), 30/12/1970
Tel. +39 0461 882416
Fax: +39 0461 881977
E-mail: email
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Graduated in Materials Engineering (University of Trento, 1995)
PhD in Materials Engineering (University of Roma "Tor Vergata" and University of Trento, 1999);
Post-doc (Max-Planck Institut für Metallforschung, Stuttgart, Germany, 1999)
Post-doc (University of Trento, 2000)
Research Scientist (University of Trento, 2001 to present)
Teaching activity (last 3 years) go to indexgo upgo down
Lectures in the course of Analisi Matematica II (University of Trento, 2000-2001)
Lectures in the course of Materials Science I (University of Trento, 2001 to present)
Lectures in the course of Materials Science II (University of Trento, present)
Lectures in the course of Materials Science "vecchio ordinamento" (University of Trento, present)
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Applications of powder diffraction (traditional and non-traditional techniques) to the analysis of materials microstructure, residual stresses and crystallographic texture
Diffractometric studies of the relationships between structure/ microstructure and the macroscopic behavior of thin films and thick coatings
Modeling of surface relaxation phenomena occurring in nanometer-sized powders within a full diffraction pattern approach
Study of the through-thickness residual stress profile in bulk materials and thin films using combination of destructive (hole drilling, coating debonding) and non-destructive (synchrotron, x-ray and neutron diffraction) techniques
Surface reactivity of nano-sized powders and their effects on powder solubility
In situ mesoscopic (ESEM study) and microscopic (X-ray diffraction) analysis of microstructure and its evolution in natural and functionalized layered materials (clays)
Top 10 Publications go to indexgo upgo down
M. LEONI, "Grain surface relaxation and grain interaction in powder diffraction", Mat. Sci. Forum (2003). In press. (EPDIC Award 2002 lecture - invited)

M. LEONI, P. SCARDI, "Surface Relaxation Effects in Nanocrystalline Powders" in: "Diffraction Analysis of the Microstructure of Materials", Ed. P. Scardi & E.J. Mittemeijer, Springer Verlag (Berlin), 2003. In press.

U. WELZEL, P. LAMPARTER, M. LEONI, E.J. MITTEMEIJER, "Effective diffraction elastic constants for the determination of stresses in transversely isotropic thin films of cubic materials", Phil. Mag. (2003). In press.

P. SCARDI, M. LEONI, "Whole powder pattern modelling". Acta Crystallographica A58 (2002). 190-200.

M. LEONI, U. WELZEL, P. LAMPARTER, E.J. MITTEMEIJER, J.-D. KAMMINGA, "Diffraction analysis of internal strain-stress fields in textured transversely-isotropic thin films: theoretical basis and simulation", Phil. Mag. A 81 [3] (2001) 597-623.

M. LEONI, P. SCARDI " Diffraction Techniques for the Study of Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs)", Surf. Engineering 16 [5] (2000) 403-410.

S. NICOLETTI, L. DORI, F. CORTICELLI, M. LEONI, P. SCARDI, "Tin oxide thin-film sensors for aromatic hydrocarbons detection: effect of ageing time on film microstructure." J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 82 [5] (1999) 1201-1206.

M. LEONI, P. SCARDI, S. ROSSI, L. FEDRIZZI, Y. MASSIANI "(Ti,Cr)N and Ti/TiN PVD Coatings on 304 Stainelss Steel Substrates: texture and Residual Stress". Thin Solid Films, 345 (1999) 263-269.

M. LEONI, R.L. JONES, P. SCARDI, "Phase stability of scandia-yttria-stabilized zirconia TBCs", Surf. Coat. Technol. 108-109 (1998) 107-113.

M. LEONI, P. SCARDI, V.M. SGLAVO, "Relaxation of Indentation Residual Stress in Alumina: Experimental Observation by X-Ray Diffraction". J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. 18 (1998) 1663-1668.

The complete list of publications is available on Polaris website link esterno
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European Powder Diffraction Committee (EPDIC) Award 2002. The citation for the prize was for 'outstanding scientific contribution in the field of powder diffraction' link esterno
Invited speaker at several international conferences in the field of crystallography, diffraction and materials science
Referee of scientific journals in the field of crystallography, thin film/coating and materials science in general (with regularity: J. Applied Crystallography, Thin Solid Films, Surface & Coating Technology, Material Science and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering)