New features in WinFit!
Version 1.2, November 1996

S. Krumm, e-mail:


Substraction of peaks

Peaks can now be substracted from the pattern. This is useful if a peak from the sample holder is present and you want to remove it. Another application is in Fourier analysis of a part of the pattern where the presence of other peaks may influence the result.


Derivatives of various orders can be calculated and scaled in order to define peaks and to identify peak overlapping. A good application of this is to check wether or not peak assymetry is caused by structural properties or by overlap with another peak/phase. In the first case, no point of inflection will be present, in the second case, the second derivative will show 2 minima with values below zero.

Rename files/fits before saving them

Files can now be renamed before saving the fit. Use this option if you are going to substract peaks as otherwise your original dat file may be overwritten with the manipulated data-set. The option can be choosen from the "File" pull-down menu.

Commandline Options / network version

WinFit now allows several command-line options for customizing its performance. This is especially useful for network based installations as ini-, configuration-, and temporary files can now be read from and written to various user directories.

-f file to be loaded. The FULL path has to be included!
-d specifies the working directory, the WinFit.ini file is read from this (!) directory. Temporary files and result files will be written to this destination.
-t specifies the fileformat type
Opt: Description Opt: Description
1 DFA-format, Erlangen 8 PHILIPS UDF ASCII
3 ASCII 10 STOE RAW files
5 ZDS of Ondrus 12 MacDiff
6 Nieto format CRI 13 Bish & Eberl converted ASCII
7 Newmod

If no option but a filename is given as parameter on the commandline, this file will be loaded. No fileformat checking is performed! WinFit.ini is read from the WinFit directory.


Drag & Drop

Files from the Filemanager or the Windows Explorer can be dropped on the WinFit! icon or into the WinFit! window. This is a rapid mean for starting WinFit! and/or loading files without having to go through the file loading dialog. Especially useful if you want to quickly examine a series of data files.

Reads ASCII files of Eberl and Bish (LANL)

The format is: 2 lines of comment, 1 line with start, end, stepsize and count time. Then follow the intensities, 10 entries per line. Example:

LONG RUN OF AIR-DRIED SAMPLE                                


    2.0000   50.0000    0.0200   15.0000

 22086. 21081. 20608. 20098. 19371. 19047. 18433. 18015. 17327. 17172.

 16718. 16215. 15845. 15546. 15076. 14733. 14495. 14294. 13881. 13645.

 13468. 13084. 12841. 12844. 12548. 12171. 12343. 12297. 11830. 11810.

 11752. 11300. 11190. 11409. 11067. .....

Resource-killer error found and fixed

Previous versions of WinFit! had an error that took away system resources and memory. While this was not that crucial on Win95 and NT systems with reasonable amounts of memory installed (>16MB), it caused system crashes on Win3.x systems. Especially, if only a few MB were available. This error should now be definitely fixed.

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