NMR file format converter,
ver. 2.4, 22.05.01

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Having to deal with different file formats can be a pain, thus the name of this program. This program is dedicated to convert NMR files created by WSolids (and accepted by Bruker's WinNMR without comments) to some other formats. It is intended to allow users that do not have WinNMR to read spectra created by WSolids into their NMR processing software. This step is necessary because the "WinNMR file" import filter of some programs fails to accept WSolids files.

Some of the alternatives to WinNMR that I have tested are:

Right now, PAIN is also a pain to use, because it is only a 16 bit console program without support for wildcards. This will change in the next release. Currently, it runs under MS Windows 3.1, 9x, and NT 4.0 (and probably 2000 and ME)

Currently, the following NMR file formats are produced:

Changes in Ver. 2.4 (22.05.2001):


Download the self-extracting setup program for PAIN (468 KB). To install PAIN, transfer the package to your PC into a directory of our choice and execute PAIN24.EXE. Follow the on-screen instructions.

If you have problems, please feel free to contact us. Also, we would be glad to receive other feedback, e.g. bug reports, features you are missing but might be included in later versions, or questions. You could use, for example, the questionnaire in the help file as a template for your reply.

If you have any of our other Windows programs, make sure they are all of the actual release!

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