UXNMR file-transfer program,
Version 1.5.11, 18.06.2001

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The purpose of GetUXNMR is to transfer data sets created by UXNMR to a file structure compatible with WinNMR and WSolids1. The host will be a UNIX based computer (often an Aspect X32 or an SGI), while the guest is an MS-DOS based personal computer running MS Windows. GetUXNMR uses the file transfer protocol (FTP) to transfer files. GetUXNMR has been written because our ftp program did not provide the TAKE feature required by Bruker's GETFILE, and transferring data sets manually was very tedious.

On some versions of Windows 98, GetUXNMR may behave strangely; so far, I don't know the reason.



Changes versus release 1.5.9 (2000)


Download the self-extracting setup program for GetUXNMR (444 KB). To install GetUXNMR, transfer the package to your PC into a directory of our choice and execute GET15.EXE. Follow the on-screen instructions.

If you have problems, please feel free to contact us.

If you have any of our other Windows programs, make sure they are all of the actual release!

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