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Crystallographic Java Software
crystal structure viewer 3D-reciprocal lattice stereographic projections VRML iso-surfaces

download the Java interpreter JDK1.2 (Windows)
download the Java interpreter JDK1.2 (LINUX-prerelease)

see also JCrystal crystal shape editor

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Picture Books
- Picture Book on Nanotube & Nanocones  (PDF,2.7MB)
- Picture Book on Fullerenes  (PDF, 1.83MB)
- Picture Book on Crystal Forms  (PDF, 1.95MB)
- Picture Book on Crystal Structures  (PDF,2.8MB)

more volumes to come ...


What you must see
- my galleries 1-5 !
- my Java applet Polyhedra
- my JCrystalApplet
- screen shots of JSV's components


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More programs at www.jcrystal.com



Nanotube Modeler