Ghostview is an X11 user interface for Ghostscript, allowing you to view and navigate PostScript files.

There are several derivatives of Ghostview that are now in common use.


GV is a version of Ghostview with an improved user interface and the ability to display PDF files.

Documentation is at It is available from


MGv is Motif based front end to GhostScript based on Ghostview 1.5.


A similar program called GSview is available for use under Linux/X11, Windows and OS/2. This is not a derivative of Ghostview.

Ghostview (the original)

Ghostview is full function X11 user interface for ghostscript 2.4 and later.

Brief list of features:

Ghostview is available from

Ghostview was written by Tim Theisen <>.

The most frequently asked question about Ghostview is why Ghostscript stops with the message gs: Malformed ghostview color property. This is due to a bug in GNU Ghostscript 2.6.1. Apply the four patches available from*.tar.gz
or get GNU Ghostscript 2.6.2.

Last updated 2002-03-01.