Printer Compatibility

This page is a list of Ghostscript printer devices and the printers with which they are compatible. The format is: As you can see, this page is a bit short on detail. I need your help to add more detail. If you know of a printer that does not have a specific Ghostscript device but does work with a related device, please send the details to Russell Lang so they can be added to this page. Please don't send mail asking if a printer is compatible with a Ghostscript device because you will only be referred to this page.

Disclaimer: the information on this page may not be correct.

See also the list of available devices and Devices.htm

For some new printers, you may find that there are no drivers built into ghostscript. On Windows you may have to use the mswinpr2 device or Windows GDI printer from GSview. For Linux, look at for details of available drivers.

A driver for many HP DeskJet PCL3 printers (e.g HP DeskJet 500, 500C, 510, 520, 540, 550C, 560C, 850C, 855C) is available from This was written by Martin Lottermoser.

The HP DeskJet 720C, 722C, 820C and 1000C are PPA printers. They will not work with the PCL drivers above. You are expected to use PPA printers with a special Windows printer driver. You might be able to use the Ghostscript mswinpr2 device which is only available under Windows and talks to the Windows printer driver. (HP DeskJet 720C and 722C printers appear to work with mswinpr2). Another alternative is to use the test software gsprint. A PPA driver for the HP820C does exist for Ghostscript. It was written without access to documentation. See
It has been reported that the HP DeskJet 1000C printer works with the cdj550 device under Windows 95. This works only under Windows 95 because the Windows 95 printer driver includes a PCL interpreter. This would not work under DOS or Unix because the printer does not contain a PCL interpreter. has resources to help with free software printing problems.

Updated 2003-12-07