GPL Ghostscript

Ghostscript is the name of a set of software that provides:

Obtaining GPL Ghostscript

You can always get the current version of GPL Ghostscript from or

Ghostscript is a copyrighted work (artofcode LLC owns the copyright); it is not shareware or in the public domain.

Versions entitled GPL Ghostscript are distributed with the GNU General Public License, which allows free use, and free copying and redistribution under certain conditions (including, in some cases, commercial distribution). Releases made prior to 2004 were part of the GNU project and were titled GNU Ghostscript. The current development code is available under a more restrictive license as AFPL Ghostscript. A commercial version is also available from Artifex Software.

The Ghostscript source code distribution, and the Ghostscript executable code, include the following libraries obtained from other parties:

These libraries do NOT fall under either the GNU License or the Aladdin Ghostscript Free Public License; they come with their own licenses, which also allow free use and redistribution under appropriate circumstances and which appear in the files referenced just above. These libraries are entirely original works of their respective authors, and are provided "AS IS" with NO WARRANTY and NO SUPPORT.

What platforms does Ghostscript run on?

Ghostscript is written entirely in C, with special care taken to make it run properly on a wide variety of systems, including MS Windows, Apple MacOS, the wide variety of Unix and Unix-like platforms and VMS systems.

Other information on the WWW

There is an alternate home page at

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