Aladdin Ghostscript developer and beta filesets

If you have already read this document and just want to get the most recent developer / beta fileset, you can always find it on:

You can also find copies on any of the general Ghostscript mirror sites listed here, in the aladdin/test/ directory. Note that the mirror copies may be delayed from the primary copy by as much as 24 hours.

The most valuable thing you can do to help improve Ghostscript is to help test it. There are four different grades of filesets available, each of which needs a different kind of testing. In order of decreasing maturity:

You can always find all of the current releases and filesets through For information about the CVS repository and obtaining code please visit

If you test Ghostscript, please always report problems by using the problem reporting form cvs/Bug-form.htm that is included with Ghostscript. It saves a lot of time and e-mail if we can get all the necessary information right away. Please read the problem reporting form carefully, and follow its instructions about where to send the report and what to include in the report.

If you would like to be notified when new developer or beta filesets are posted, please fill out the short questionnaire on the file cvs/Tester.htm that is included with Ghostscript, and e-mail the result to gs-test-request at

Note that developer and beta filesets differ from stable releases in certain ways other than schedule:

Developer and beta filesets do not include the IJG JPEG library, the PNG library, or the zlib library. The most recent released versions of these libraries are always available from the following places:

Possibly slightly out-of-date copies of these libraries are also available from

Last updated 2002-04-04.