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President and Chief Executive Officer

Ali Jenab is president and chief executive officer of VA Software Corporation. A seventeen–year veteran of Amdahl Corporation, Jenab joined the VA management team in the fall of 2000. Over the course of his first year at VA, he played a pivotal role in the company's transition out of the Linux hardware business and positioned VA to focus on SourceForge as an enterprise software product. Jenab's experience in large–scale enterprise IT solutions, combined with his operational expertise, has been instrumental in building VA Software's business around SourceForge.

Prior to his appointment at VA, Jenab was group president of Amdahl's Technology Division. In that role, he grew revenues to over $500 million. Previous positions he held during his tenure at Amdahl include vice president of strategic business, vice president of worldwide marketing, and vice president of systems marketing, responsible for marketing S/390, UNIX and NT server and storage products.

Jenab currently serves on the board of directors for Sagent, a provider of enterprise business intelligence solutions, and Tower Automotive, Inc. He holds a bachelor's degree in engineering from the University of the Pacific.


Jeff "hemos" Bates

Vice President of Editorial Operations

Jeff Bates brings many years of strategic management and editorial leadership to OSTG. As Vice President of Editorial Operations and Executive Editor of Slashdot, Bates is responsible for setting strategy and integration for the company's business development partnerships, for driving new site and product development, and, for fun, helps manage strategic story editing and placement for the leading proprietary news site, Slashdot. While at Slashdot, Bates has been responsible for several industry awards including a Webby People's Voice Award for Community, as well as Yahoo!'s "Top 100" Best of the Internet Award. Slashdot has also been cited by The Washington Post, Brill's Content, TIME, USA Today, Rolling Stone and other industry leading publications as one of the most innovative and important sites for the technical community.

Bates has spoken at numerous industry leading conferences and events including MIT, LinuxWorld, Worchester Polytechnic Institute, Northern Michigan University and Sun Developers Group, the Asian Open Source Symposium, Conference of Australian Linux Users, O'Reilly's p2p conference, and the University of Michigan. He's also a member of the Open Source Advisory Panel for the US government. Bates holds a Bachelor's Degree in History from Hope College.


Valerie Williamson

Vice President of Marketing, OSTG

Valerie Williamson is a seasoned media marketing executive with international experience. As the Vice President of Marketing for OSTG, Williamson oversees all strategic marketing and business development for the company. Prior to joining OSTG, Williamson led numerous business, marketing and sales strategy and brand transformations for leading media companies including ZiffDavis Events/Key3Media, GamePro/IDG Entertainment, and Orion Pictures. As a consultant with George P. Johnson Company (GPJ), she led an integrated event marketing agency running the Cisco Systems account worldwide.

Williamson served as President of Interop Worldwide for ZiffDavis Events/Key3Media for over 6 years. During that time, she was responsible for all aspects of strategic planning, marketing, sales, and brand management for the successful NetWorld+Interop conference and expo shows around the world. Prior to that, Williamson was the Marketing Director for GamePro magazine and the launch of E3. Williamson attended UCLA and then spent 6 years in the film industry marketing films for Orion Pictures and other studios.


Andrew Zeiger

Vice President of Sales

As an advertising and technology-publishing veteran since 1989 Andrew Zeiger brings years of experience to his position as Vice President of Global Sales for OSTG. In this role, he is responsible for worldwide sales efforts across the network. Andrew began working on the agency side at Bates Advertising and FCB, handling technology accounts such as AT&T and Digital Equipment Corporation, as well as consumer packaged goods accounts such as Colgate and M&M Mars.

His publishing career has included experience at Ziff Davis Publishing's PC Magazine. He became a director of sales at start-up Inquiry.com before moving to CNET Networks. There he served as the West Coast regional vice president of sales; vice president of sales, ChannelOnline; and vice president of sales, Outbound Media. Andrew holds a bachelor's degree in liberal arts and advertising from American University.


Caroline Offutt

ThinkGeek General Manager

Caroline Offutt is a seasoned direct market and eCommerce executive with international experience. As General Manager of ThinkGeek.com, she oversees all the operational, marketing and business development for OSTG's online retailer.

Prior to joining ThinkGeek, Offutt spent ten years with Micro Warehouse, a direct marketer of computer products, which included six years as Group Director of warehouse.com and two years as European Marketing Manager. Her additional experience includes service as Director of Operations at Safety-911 and Tactical Express, both direct marketers of public safety equipment. Offutt holds a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Management Information Systems from Syracuse University.


Art Holden

Director and Animator, Animation Factory

As director of Animation Factory, Art both manages the creative vision of Animation Factory and serves as executive editor for Animation Factory and the MediaBuilder network. Art spends his days creating new animations, producing new products, and developing marketing strategies for Animation Factory. He has served as Executive Producer for over a dozen Animation Factory software products and memberships.

As a co-founder of Animation Factory in 1996 with his partner Jim Maloney, Art has been part of the tremendous rise in popularity of 3D animations. Animation Factory has been recognized as the leader in animated graphics on the Internet and continues to produce a wide variety of new animated content every year.

Art holds a Bachelors of Science degree from South Dakota State University and has been involved with 3D animation since 1990. He resides in South Dakota with his wife and daughter.