ORTEP-3 for Windows

Gallery of POV-Ray Images from
Ortep-3 for Windows

All these images were produced with the POV-Ray interface in Ortep-3 for Windows, and show some of it's possibilities. Minor editing of some of the POV-Ray scene description files was necessary to get the illustration shown.

Click on the thumb-nails to see the full sized pictures (usually 1024x768 pixel images).

Unit cell packing diagram with space-filled atoms. ORTEP view of [15-crown-5] Na(hfac) showing cut-out ellipses.
The obligatory picture of C60. ORTEP view of a napthoquinone structure with mouse-positioned atom labels.
The adp's of Rh4(CO)12 shown as the RMSD surface (PEANUT plot). Fancy POV-Ray effects - a sky background and a metallic finish to those thermal ellipsoids.
Same as above but shown as the MSD surface. This 6-order polynomial surface is poorly rendered by POV-Ray (notice the strange but interesting drop-outs !) Rh4(CO)12 again, shown as a rod representation.
A GIF-animation of Rh4(CO)12. A program to create the animation (e.g. Animation Shop) is required. Ball and stick unit cell packing diagram with checked background.
Spacefill view of CuCl2L macrocyclic complex with fancy textures. View down the 001 surface of silica