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2001/2002 group 2001/2002 group
Ibrahim Tahir, Richard Cooper, Steven Humphreys, Simon Borwick, Morten Garberg, Keith Prout, Keith Waters, Delphine LePevelen, Alice Williams, Anne Chippindale, Andrew Cowley, David Watkin.
1999/2000 group. Fact: Two of the people in this image have been
 digitally added as they were not present at the time of the
 original photo. Can you spot them? 1999/2000 group
Andy, David Watkin, Richard Cooper, Theirry Maris, Nick Williams, Ben, Andy, Ibrahim Tahir, Simon Borwick, Keith Waters, Ann Chippindale, Clare Keats, Keith Prout, Hulya, Emma.
1997/1998 group 1997/1998 group
Katherine Peacock, Nathan Gardner, Mike Leech, Paul, Andrew Birchall, Mike Henson, Richard Cooper, Andrew Cowley, Keith Waters, Ann Chippindale, Keith Prout, , David Watkin.
1996/1997 group 1996/1997 group
, Ashley Law, Andy Brown, Matthius Muller, Pete Simmonds, Ludger Schroeder, Mike Leech, David Jones, , Chris, Andrew Cowley, , , Andrew Bond, Keith Waters, David Watkin, Keith Prout, Ann Chippindale, Karl Harrison, Leslie Glasser.
1995/1996 group 1995/1996 group
Mike Leech, James Bartleet, Alex Lane, Louise Cholerton, Jenny Readman, Andrew Cowley, Sarah, John Saunders, Richard Cooper, David Kinna, Alex Chenega, Keith Prout, Ann Chippindale, David Watkin, Matthius Muller, Keith Waters.
1994/1995 group 1994/1995 group
Mike Leech, Keith Waters, James Bartleet, Ludger Schroeder, Andrew Cowley, A. McDaid, J. Chuhan, G. Hamblett
Keith Prout, Jenny Glusker, Ann Chippindale, David Watkin
C. Turner, J. Heasman, Alex Chernega, Sarah Crook, Maxine Chow
1993/1994 group 1993/1994 group
Mike Leech, R. Walton, T. Jones, Alison Edwards, Dave Vaughn-Lee, A. McMullan, Peter Lilley, Keith Waters
Keith Prout, Ann Chippindale, David Watkin
1980 group 1980 group
Back: Mrs A Stoker, Dr J Skarnulis, Mr K Jarret, Mr O Johnson, Mr D Hope, Mr J Fail
Middle: Mr A Winter, Mr M Jones, Mr J Bashkin, Mr K Davies, Mr R Jones, Mr R Bark, Miss J Woolcock, Miss A Cole, Mr J Newsam, Mrs S Chowdhury
Front: Dr F-M Miao, Prof A Vaciago, Dr D Watkin, Dr K Prout, Dr A Cheetam, Mrs B Harris, Mr L Clarke.
1949 group 1949 group
Back: C. Darwin, J. H. Rayner, S. C. Wallwork, D. Sayre
Middle: F. Welch, Dorothy M. Hodgkin, H. M. Powell, N. C. McIntyre
Front: D. R. Holmes, G. J. Pitt, J. A. J. Jarvis, P. M. Cowan

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