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IUCr 18th Congress and General Assembly

August 4th - 14th 1999

The 18th International Union of Crystallography Congress and General Assembly was held in Glasgow in August 1999. Those attending from the Chemical Crystallography Laboratory in Oxford were:
Professor Keith Prout, Dr David Watkin, Dr Theirry Maris, Richard Cooper, Clare Keats and Ibrahim Tahir.

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The Presentations

Richard giving a talk and demonstration of the latest CRYSTALS software to an awestruck audience (just out of view). CRYSTALS demo
David Watkin and Paul Beurskens chairing a jam-packed and very well recieved session under the title "Difficult Structures". Difficult structures session
Richard presents a talk entitiled "Crystallographic Tools for Chemists" to the IUCr Teaching Commission open meeting. Rich
 his poster Theirry Maris presents "Phase Transitions in the Thiourea Cyclooctane Inclusion Compound" to the world. The poster was highly commended by the judges of the Oxford Cryosytems poster prize for innovative low temperature studies. And it wasn't even entered.
Ibrahim and his poster Ibrahim Tahir casually presents his poster, "Chiral Recognition and Crystal Structures of DCA Inclusion Compound with Limonene", to much acclaim from other delegates working in the DCA field.
Clare Keats' 
 poster Clare Keats looking bewildered by the unprecedented interest in her poster, "Development of a Crystallisation Screen for Organic Compounds".

The Conference Centre

(L to R) Clare Keats, Theirry Maris and Richard Cooper head on down the the conference centre by taxi. Photography by M.I.M.T. In a
Ibrahim in front of the giant metallic "armadillo" which houses the conference centre's main auditorium. The
The young crystallographers take a rare break from their punishing conference schedule to grab a quick cup of coffee. Coffee break

The Delegate Reception

Ibrahim and
 Clare The delegate reception: Food is in short supply, (especially for a 15 quid a head event) and Ibrahim scans the upper galleries for signs of a waiter. Meanwhile Clare contemplates her next trip to the bar.
 Trooper The inhabitants of 9 Parks Road, Oxford posing in front of a Storm Trooper in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in the West end of Glasgow.
 a face (L to R) Ibrahim, Clare and Theirry. Clare has been given cheap wine by one of the catering staff, and isn't at all impressed.
Art Keats, Maris and Cooper nonchalantly pose around the gallery with their glasses of wine, feigning interest in the paintings and exhibits. "Yes, I do like the use of light in this one". "The attention to detail is simply exquisite".

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