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BCA/CCG Ninth Intensive Course in X-ray Structure Analysis

April 7th-14th 2003

The ninth intensive course in X-ray Structure Analysis was held in Durham, UK. Of the Chemical Crystallography Lab Oxford: David Watkin was lecturing; Richard Cooper was tutoring; Anna Collins was studying.


Following a intensive day of Direct Methods and Least Squares, a Ceilidh was held in the main hall of Trevelyan college.



The course dinner
The course dinner
Everyone do something 
 weird - Now.
Iain tries to flog some dodgy Paracetemol solvates. Iain and Katherine
Unwinding after a hard day's "Analysis of Results" and "How to edit CIF files". Simon, Jacqui, Claire, Richard
Jacqui explains non-linear optics to David and Roy. Non-linear optics
Below (background): Some tutors received gifts and cards from their grateful students. Others were dragged to Kloot and given fags and cider (fortunately no photos available). Claire, Richard
Claire, Mark, Victoria, Mike
Right: Would you let these two do your X-ray structure analysis?

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