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What it is and does

MATCH! is an easy-to-use software for phase identification from X-ray powder diffraction data, which has become a daily task in material scientists work. MATCH! compares the user's diffraction pattern to the patterns stored in the ICDD PDF2 database in order to identify the phases which are present in the user's sample.
Single as well as multiple phases can be identified based on both peak data and raw (profile) data (if present). Peak lists can be obtained automatically from the raw diffraction data and/or edited manually. Due to the multiple step undo/redo funcionality, the user can try different settings and options while always being able to return to the initial step.
A list of MATCH!'s most prominent features can be found here.

Demonstration Version

If you are interested in evaluating MATCH!, you can download a time-limited demonstration version free-of-charge.


A product brochure including feature list, system requirements and prices is available for download.

Screenshot of MATCH!