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What it is and does

Diamond is an MS Windows application for the exploration and drawing of crystal structures. With its high data capacity, its wide range of functions beginning with the generation of molecules reaching up to the construction of rather complicated inorganic structural frameworks, Diamond is the tool for molecular and solid state chemists as well as for surface and material scientists.


Visit our Highlights pages to see what makes Diamond so outstanding in comparison with other graphics programs for molecular and crystal structures:

New version

The long-awaited version 3 of our crystal and molecular structure visualization software Diamond has been scheduled for the end of 2nd quarter of 2004. A product brochure including pricing scheme can already be downloaded.


A Diamond trial version (current version number is 2.1e) is available free-of-charge and can be downloaded via the Demo link on the menu bar.


Get an impression of the broad variety of possible applications of Diamond: Visit the Diamond Gallery.

Screenshot of Diamond