*** NEWS FLASH *** A Windows95 version is now available - see below.

CONVERT is an imaginatively-named programme for converting between different X-ray powder diffraction file formats. OK, so it might be a bit crude in places and is an old DOS application, but it's got us out of a tight spot occasionally and it might do the same for you too.

The most recent version is dated 26/5/98 (Support for new filetypes), and the following file formats are supported:

CONVERT reads : Philips VAX - APD             and writes : Philips VAX - APD
Philips PC - APD (RD format) Philips PC - APD (RD format)
RIET7 Rietveld RIET7 Rietveld
ASCII 2-theta,I lists ASCII 2-theta,I lists
Philips PC - APD (SD format) Sietronics CPI
Siemens DiffracPlus

I haven't had a chance to thoroughly test it, so e-mail me with your comments/bugs etc.

You can download the programme (save it to your disk) by clicking here,

or abuse the author by sending mail to m.bowden@irl.cri.nz.

But wait... there's more!! (No, not a set of steak knives). You might also want to download VCTCONV.EXE, a similar programme for converting between Variable Count Time data files and GSAS ESD data files. The VCT file format comes from the SR5 Rietveld system developed by the CSIRO Division of Minerals. For further information read about the VCT system, or visit the FTP site for the SR5 programmes.

*** Windows95 Users *** Say goodbye to that sorry DOS window and revel in a convert programme that isn't called "convert".

ConvX is the all-new Windows95 file conversion programme.  It will read and write all of the above files (except FullProf - sorry) in magical Windows style.  Plus you can:

Can't wait ??  Then download ConvX today.  There's just the one programme file for you to save and run.