Subject:            STRUVIR/GLASSVIR and VRML CosmoPlayer 2.0
Date:               Tue, 10 Feb 1998 08:18:50 +0100
From:               Armel Le Bail <>
Newsgroups:         sci.techniques.xtallography


I have tested the new SGI CosmoPlayer VRML viewer, version 2, with
Netscape 4.04. Great ! Just an advice to STRUVIR and GLASSVIR
softwares users, if any. You should edit the .wrl files and delete one
line containing :
Normal { vector 0 0 1 }
This will considerably improve the rendering (in other words, it was a

You may consider downloading new versions building .wrl files
without this line and also improving the perspective :

All the best,

Armel Le Bail