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Influence of the molecular structures on the high-pressure and low-temperature phase transitions of plastic crystals
Wunschel M; Dinnebier RE; Carlson S; Bernatowicz P; van Smaalen S
tert-butyl-tris(trimethylsilyl)silane, Si[C(CH3)(3)](1) [Si(CH3)(3)](3)(Bu1), and
di-tert-butyl-bis(trimethylsilyl)silane, Si[C(CH3)(3)](2)[Si(CH3)(3)](2) (Bu2)

Phosphorus : New in situ powder data from large-volume apparatus
Wilson A. Crichton, Mohamed Mezouar, Giulio Monaco and Sara Falconi
Powder Diffraction 18 (1), March 2003, in press
P, Cmca, synchrotron data

Synthesis and optical characterisation of platinum(II) poly-yne polymers incorporating substituted 1,4-diethynylbenzene derivatives and an investigation of the intermolecular interactions in the diethynylbenzene molecular precursors
Khan-MS; Al-Mandhary-MRA; Al-Suti-MK; Corcoran-TC; Al-Mahrooqi-Y; Attfield-JP; Feeder-N; David-WIF; Shankland-K; Friend-RH;
NEW-JOURNAL-OF-CHEMISTRY. 2003; 27 (1) : 140-149
C6H2(OCH3)(2)-2,5 and C6H2 ((OC8H17)-C-n)(2)-2,5 crystal structures determined by powder X-ray diffraction.

[Cu(4-oxopyrimidinate)2.nH2O]¥ : a robust sodalite type metal-organic framework exhibiting a rich host-guest chemistry,
E. Barea, J.A.R. Navarro, J.M. Salas, N. Masciocchi, S. Galli, A. Sironi,
Polyhedron, 2003, in press.

Ab-initio XRPD structural characterization of coordination polymers: the case of [Ag(C3H3N2CS2)],
N. Masciocchi, S. Brenna, S. Galli, A. Maspero,
Zeit.Krist. 2003, in press.

Complexation of beryllium(II) ion by phosphinate ligands in aqueous solution. Synthesis and XRPD structure determination of Be[(PhPO2)2CH2](H2O)2 ,
F. Cecconi, S. Dominguez, N. Masciocchi, S. Midollini, A. Sironi, A. Vacca,
Inorg. Chem. 2003, in press.

Orthorhombic Yb5Si4 from synchrotron powder data
Cerný, R. & Alami-Yadri, K.
Acta Cryst. E59, 2003, i1-i3.

A highly crystalline layered silicate with three-dimensionally microporous layers
Hae-Kwon Jeong, Sankar Nair, Thomas Vogt, L. Charles Dickinson & Michael Tsapatsis
Nature Materials, Vol 2  (2003), 53-58.
AMH-3, Na8 Sr8 Si32 O76 .16 H2 O, C2/c, conventtional X-ray + synchrotron data,
No program name given for indexation, EXPO for "|Fobs|" extraction (Le Bail method), EXPO for direct methods, locating all one Sr and four Si atoms (5 of a total of 19 independent atoms), completion by alternating Rietveld and Fourier difference using GSAS on the synchrotron data

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