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Release and package of xnd program.

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Release information

The release information is kept in the file xnd_ref.c. The number and its date are printed on the listing. The first public release was referred as xnd_1.00 in June 1991.
A list of modifications in the source code can be found in the file xnd_ver.v. the following release information contain only the most important.

xnd_1.23 July 01

xnd_1.21 June 00

xnd_1.20 September 99

xnd_1.18 January 98

xnd_1.17 October 98

xnd_1.16 October 97

xnd_1.15 July 97

xnd_1.12 to 1.14, January-June 97

Test releases for incommensurate studies

xnd_1.11 October 96

The xnd package

All the files are contained in a compressed tar archive. The typical installation procedure will be :
uncompress xnd_1.10.tar.Z
tar -xvf  xnd_1.10.tar
make        # to configure makefile
make        # to build xnd
xnd demo/xnd_1.k      # short test without data
cd demo
../xnd xnd_2.k        # basic neutron test
Then you can install it in a common access directory. As it is done by "make public" which copies the binary, the symetry and and the diffusion file in "/usr/local/bin". The default assumption is that these 3 files are in the same directory.

Contents of the distribution of XND, release 1.10

xnd_????.c source files.
xnd_????.h header included in source files.
xnd_ref.csh script for references, used at link time.
xnd_ref.tim time and release references, used at link time.
xnd_????.d symetry, diffusion data.
makefile command file to use with make
mak/* options for make depending on the system
config.csh script use by make for configuration
demo/*.k exemple files
demo/*.dat data used by some exemple files
html/*.html this documentation
dos/* ms_dos files
bin/* unix binaries
util/* related programs

System dependencies

        Les noms de fichiers ou de  chemins  respectent  les  habitudes  de
diverses machines :
   DSK:....ch          pour  MSDOS
   /usr/..../fich          pour  UNIX
   [name.dir...]fich       pour  VMS
   vol:folder:fich         pour  MAC

          Les fichiers xnd_sym.d, xnd_dif.d sont cherches selon la compila-
tion dans les directory par defaut suivant :
   dynamiquement  dans  le  directory  contenant  le  programme  executable
quelque  soit  le catalogue de travail pour  MSDOS et VMS (xnd.exe) dans ce
catalogue ( ou  dans /usr/local si l'executable xnd n'est  pas  trouve  par
argv[0] ou le PATH ) pour  UNIX
   le catalogue de travail pour  MAC

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