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This document contains links to the Official POV-Ray Team distributions for POV-Ray 3.02. Currently MS-DOS, Windows, Macintosh, Linux, SunOS and Amiga are officially released as 3.02 versions.
Click on the link to be taken to the section for the platform of your choice - To setup your gamma correction, please read gamma.gif.txt, and download gamma.gif (14k).


To get the POV-Ray executable for MS-DOS - To get POV-Ray source code in C for MS-DOS -
Note: Source isn't necessary just to run the program.


Click on this link to go to the Windows page.


Files for POV-Ray 3.02a on the Macintosh: The Macintosh web site.


For a complete Linux distribution of POV-Ray 3.02 including X-Windows and SVGAlib ELF binaries, doumentation, sample scenes, and include files download povlinux.tgz (2.0 MB)

To compile your own version of POV-Ray 3.02 for Linux, you should get the archive povuni_s.tgz (781 kB), which includes the Linux-specific files. If you do not already have povlinux.tgz, you also need to get povuni_d.tgz (1.3 MB) as well.


For a complete SunOS distribution for POV-Ray 3.02 including X Windows and text-only binaries, documentation, sample scene, and include files, download povsunos.tgz (2.2 MB). These binaries are also known to run under Solaris.

If you are interested in compiling you own version of POV-Ray for SunOS or Solaris, you should get the Unix source archive povuni_s.tgz (781 kB), which is used by all Unix versions. If you do not already have povsunos.tgz you will need to get povuni_d.tgz (1.3 MB).


The Unix source archives.

In order to have a usable POV-Ray 3.02 system, you MUST have the documentation, scene, and include files in addition to an executable. If you don't already have a version of POV 3.02 for another platform, this means you have to download both povuni_s.tgz (781 kB) and povuni_d.tgz (1.3 MB) in order to use POV 3.02 at all.

If you already have another version of POV 3.02 installed on your system, and you only want to compile your own version, or you can copy the include files and documentation from another computer, then you only need to download povuni_s.tgz (7281 kB).