MacDiff trouble page

This page is used to inform MacDiff users about some trouble in the software as reported to me by e-mail. The page will help to solve or to avoid errors to get more efficience and stability. Look in regulary!

If you have any other trouble with MacDiff, mail to:

Last change: May 17, 2001

Current version: 4.2.5

Please read here for more info.

Performance Problems

after reading more an more profiles if one (or more) separately data windows are constantly opened (Report, Peak Info, Identify).


Crashes in some dialog windows on MacOS versions older than 9.0

Problems fixed in version 4.2.3

MacDiff does not find the Preferences folder of some non-US and non-German Mac OS versions.

Problem fixed in Version 4.2.3

MacDiff does not work very well because there are problems to find the Preferences folder. This is the case, if the system folder is not localized in the root folder of the harddisk.

Solution: Problem fixed in Version 4.2

"Profile cluttering" bug

After running several diffractograms in different windows; always after a change in a profile, the diffractogram window appears empty or cluttered. Please mail me!

MacDiff do not works with peaks of more than 1.000.000 counts

MacDiff cannot work with profiles who contain single values of more then 1.000.000 counts. If so, you will get a message, that your counts can be divided by 10.

Big profile crash

MacDiff may crash if a big profile of more than 8000 points will be copied into clipboard. The crash did only appear, if the "Draw Polygons" filter in the Preferences is enabled.

No Philips-APD files (Binary format) on 68K-Versions

In all 68K versions of MacDiff there is an error if I try to read a binary DOS file from Philips APD.

Too big profile printouts

"My MacDiff diffractogram printouts are very big, ranging over many pages". This is no error, its a feature. Because MacDiff can only print with QuickDraw (no Postscript), the only possibility I know to print in good quality is to enhance the printout by reducing the scale.

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