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User Friendly Powder XRD Data Inter-Conversion Software

This Homepage is at http://www.unige.ch/crystal/stxnews/riet/faq/progs/riet-pc.htm

Convert for MS-Windows by Nita Dragoe | Index | top


Operating System


Convert for Windows is available on the web at :-


Or by contacting :-

Nita Dragoe,
University of Bucharest,
Faculty of Chemistry,
Blvd CAROL 1 #13,
Bucharest, Romania.

E-mail : dragoe@roimar.imar.ro or ndragoe@math.math.unibuc.ro

Convert for Windows will recognise the following data formats

Winconvert can also apply scaling and offset factors to the counts, angle and esd values.

If it can't exactly handle your format, contact the author who should be able to help you and update the software.

Tpose by David Hay | Index | top

Part of the collection of David Hay Powder XRD Software


Operating System


Tpose is available by anonymous ftp to :-


Or by Contacting :-

David Hay
CSIRO Division of Materials Science and Technology
Private Bag 33
Rosebank MDC
Clayton 3169

Phone: (613) 9542 2698
Fax: (613) 544 1128

E-mail : david.hay@mst.csiro.au

Tpose will recognise the following data formats

Convert for DOS by Mark Bowden. | Index | top


Operating System


Convert for DOS is available on the web at :-


Or by Contacting :-

Mark Bowden
Industrial Research Ltd,
Gracefield Research centre
Gracefield Rd.
Lower Hutt, 6315
New Zealand.

E-mail : M.Bowden@irl.cri.nz


Martin Ryan
E-mail : Martin.Ryan@irl.cri.nz

Convert for DOS will recognise the following data formats

Winfit for MS-Windows by Stefan Krumm Freeware Powder XRD size-strain analysis software | Index | top



Operating System


Winfit is available over the World Wide Web :-


Or by Contacting :-

Stefan Krumm
Geology Department
University of Erlangen

E-mail : krumm@geol.uni-erlangen.de

Winfit for MS-Windows can use the following formats :-

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