Hi All, After some thrashing around and getting used to the unique Apple approach to computers, I now have made a MacOSX version of GSAS. This supercedes the one prepared by Brian Toby and is identical to the Windows/Linux versions released about a month ago (June 12). It was compiled with g77 and thus should be very similar to that on the other machines. I do note that the various operating systems & g77 do not "round" in exactly the same way so there will be very small differences between "identical" runs on each. See the specific notes from gsasnews.txt on this below. Please note that this is a "beta" test version. It did "pass" all my tests but one never knows.... Please let me know of any oddities you may find. Best, Bob Von Dreele 1. A new GSAS kit is now available at the CCP14 web site. It is for the MacOS10.4 on Intel operating system. This differs from the one currently at http://www.ccp14.ac.uk/ccp/web-mirrors/btoby/pub/cryst/gsas/OSX_gsas+expgui_Intel_2007Jan15.dmg provided by Brian Toby. This one is built using a version of the g77 Fortran compiler that closely matched that used for Windows & Linux. Your Mac must be runnig OS10.4 (not 10.3 or earlier) and have the X11 optional package installed. Because the setup on a Mac is complicated by the changes Apple has made to the BSD Unix operating system, I suggest you download & install Brian Toby's version first and then download & install the new one from CCP14 on top of it thus replacing the GSAS executables, etc. with the new ones. One should consider this to be much more of a "beta" test version of GSAS as there may be undetected errors because of the newness of the platform for GSAS.