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SDPD-DSDPD-D : Structure Determination from Powder Diffraction - Database. Hypertext compendium of more than 200 publications about ab initio structure determination from powder diffraction data. Methods and softwares are listed and briefly described, statistics are given in several hyperlinked files.
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ARITVEARITVE : Glass Structure Modeling Software.

STRUVIRSTRUVIR : A STRUPLO (R.X. Fischer) to VRML converter for 3D visualization of inorganic structures. If you have a VRML viewer try example 1 or 2 among 60.

6-Connected 3D nets6-Connected 3D nets in VRML : a 3D tutorial on AB3 crystal structures built from octahedra sharing exclusively corners.

VRML at IUCr XVIIVRML at IUCr XVII (Seattle, August 8-17, 1996) : a Web page inside the more general report from the Surfing the Crystallographic Net (Crysnet) Workshop, together with the transparencies, full text, VRML examples and abstract of the conference VRML as a Tool for Exploring Complex Structures.

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